Our mission is to create arts experiences that inspire young people, expand learning, and enliven communities.

Access for All

What is Access for All?
Access for All is a program that increases student access to inspiring, engaging, and educational arts programs.

How does it work?
Through the generous support of foundations and individual donors, high-need schools receive arts programs at 85% off the regular fee. 
Schools can select from world-class in-school assembly performances or hands-on artist residencies.

Who is eligible?
Your school is eligible for Access for All if a majority of the school’s students qualify for Free and Reduced Price Lunch OR if your students lack regular arts opportunities.

To learn more about Access for All, download the Fact Sheet.

If your school is eligible and would like to submit an application, please download  the application here.

Give us a call at 415-974-5554 to discuss receiving arts programs for your school through Access for All.

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